cURL Image Syntax

Discussion created by stevestearns on Jul 25, 2018
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I am a total newbie with cURL, so I am sure I am missing something real simple in the syntax. Below is an example that I am trying to incorporate into FileMaker Pro Advanced 17:


curl -X POST -F image=@/car1.jpg ''


Using their example, I created the following:


OpenALPR::CURLRequest = curl -X POST -F image=@/Macintosh\ HD/Users/stevestearns/Documents/Miscellaneous/Liberty\ Commons\ Condo/IMG_2785.JPG




Please note that I did replaced the "secret_key=sk_DEMODEMODEMODEMODEMODEMO" in their example with my actual secret_key=sk_.




Set Variable [ $$Results : Value: "" ]


Insert from URL [ Select ' With dialog: Off; $$Results ; OpenALPR::URL ; cURL options: OpenALPR::CURLRequest ]


Set Field [ OpenALPR::Results ; $$Results ]


OpenALPR::Results = {"error_code": 400, "error": "Missing file named \"image\" in request POST"}


I have played around with different paths, quotes, etc. but have not yet found the solution.