Can't See File On Server 17

Discussion created by JohnGagne on Jul 25, 2018
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Hi. Hope you are well.


Wrote a solution a for co-worker using FM 16, hosted on Server 16.  Co-worker insisted on using 16.


Worked perfectly.  Appeared on my server as an available solution in Open-Remote Dialogue box (16).


I have waited to update to 17 so I could help this person.


Uploaded to co-worker's server (different location from me).


Found out her IT installed 17.


I can't see the files in the OPEN-REMOTE dialogue box on her server.


Is there a difference in Server 17 ( from Server 16) that allows (or not) a solution from appearing in HOSTS-SOLUTIONS dialogue box.


(I do connect to her server and see the sample file. Hope to get access to her Server Console tomorrow.)




John Gagne