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FIleMaker 17 odd printing behavior in Windows 10

Question asked by helusay on Jul 25, 2018

Issue: Regarding FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 on Windows 10


Behavior: While having File Explorer or other Windows System windows ( Control Panel, Task Manger, etc ) open in the background and you are printing using multiple windows. The Print dialog will bring the Windows system window in between your FileMaker windows.


Scenario: I have a FileMaker solution with a scripted "Print" button. When I click on the "Print" button, from the Solution window, it opens a Report window with the the report I wish to print and proceeds to print. When the Print Dialog opens and I click "OK" ( cancel does not produce this effect ), the foremost Windows system window (in this case File Explorer) will be placed between my Solution window and my Report window. In this instance, my "Print" script will close the Report window after the Print Dialog has completed and I am left staring at the File Explorer instead of my Solution window. This is a new behavior to FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 on Windows 10.


Temporary Solution: Minimize any Windows System window(s) that you have open prior to printing.