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Field input changes to an asterisk for one user

Question asked by annreese on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by annreese

I have only been using FileMaker since April 28, so I am sorry if I don't give the information you need.  I have made a great documentation and billing system for early intervention therapists - 90% of my knowledge comes from this forum, so I am hoping y'all can maybe point me in the right direction in solving this dilemma. It is my first problem that I can't find addressed here.


Each therapist can only see their own patients. Some have been using our system for over a month. We have a new therapist (our 31st) who suddenly has an issue that no one else ever has had.  One patient of hers will suddenly change to having an asterisk as his first name.  It seemed to be something with just that one patient. She decided to just re-create the patient and his name hasn't changed since. Now a different patient of hers is changing to an asterisk.


Any ideas of what may be the problem or where I could look?