Repeating field or related Table

Discussion created by JohnMitchell on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Jens Teich

I have a table "Activities" which has a field Activity_type, and a possible Participant_type

I have a value list defined for Activity_type, and now I want to customise the participants in an activity by a custom Participant_type. Here are some values. I would use the Participant_type to default to the "mapped" related Activity_type, but allow the user to over-ride this with a drop down value list.


Activity_type    Participant_type

Aquarium    Member

Barbecue    Guest

Breakfast    Participant

Contact    Member

Course    Participant

Meeting    Attendee


there are 56 activity_types at present , which might expand to say 100?

To create a table was my first choice, but I then thought that for such a small dataset using Field repetition may be better?


Any recommendations?