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Extend/renew Filemaker Cloud subscription

Question asked by JHCB on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by adamlesko9

We need to renew our Filemaker Cloud subscription but incredibly Filemaker nor Orbitera is

able to provide a step by step instruction or assurances. The link provided by Orbitera is the same

AWS Marketplace brand new FMCloud subscription page and does not contain a renew/extend option/button.

Is there anyone who can confirm the right course of action.

Kind regards, Henk


Good morning Cami,


Please find below reply from Orbitera.

It is clear that they are not able to give a decisive answer either which is

ridiculous. Understand that they have no control of AWS Marketplace

webpage but surely they should be able to reply to my question/comments.

We can not simple select a 'continuo to subscribe' button on the AWS Marketplace

and then hope for the best with all indications that it does not appears to be

correct! Time is now running out if not sorted soon.


Kind regards,







We are the seller of record, but we do not control the layout of the

FileMaker page on the AWS Marketplace.  The option presented are the only

options available.  Please advise if there is anything else we can do to

assist you with this matter.  We are happy to help where we can.





Orbitera Support


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From: Henk

Sent : 7/24/2018 1:07 PM


Subject: JHCB


Hi Stefan,


Thank you for your prompt reply.


Yes, the link to 'reorder annual license...' directs me to

the FMCloud AWS Marketplace and displays the correct amount ($900.-) but

....... one, apparently, also requires to select an instance type,version,

region etc.

The latter worries me because I don't want to start a new

instance or cause any disruption to our current FMCloud operations.

I believe that it should not be necessary to select all these settings

apart from a button which says ' Extend(renew) FMCloud subscription'.

Please note that the FMCloud AWS webpage does already contains

a button 'continue to subscription' when a new customer arrives on this

page which in my opinion causes the confusion. The 'continue to subscription'

is being read, in my opinion, in different contexts i.e new customer or

existing customer wanting to renew (extend) their subscription.


Quite happy to call you if required.


Kind regards,





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From: Orbitera

Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 8:06 PM


Subject: RE: JHCB

Hello Henk,


Thank you for contacting Orbitera

support.  My name is Stefan. I have taken

ownership of this issue on your behalf.  The link you provided appears to

provide a button to "reorder annual license...".  If you click on the

button, are you not able to reorder the annual license, do you get an error?





Orbitera Support



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From: JHCB


7/24/2018 9:46 AM


Subject: JHCB



Dear Sirs, Madam,


Can you, please, provide us step by step instructions to continue

our Filemaker Cloud subscription for another year.

Our domain name is : ********

The current subscription expires on 31/07/2018.

We received an email from AWS Marketplace

but it is quite confusing (see below) i.e it appears we have to select an EC2

instance again etc.

Surely, there should be a simple subscription button

in the FMCloud admin dashboard.



Dear AWS Marketplace



Your annual subscription to following instances of the Product


Cloud (5 users) in AWS Marketplace will expire on





You can reorder annual license for Product

FileMaker Cloud (5 users) in AWS

Marketplace by following the link



You can ignore this email if you have already renewed your subscription.


If you have questions, please contact us.


-- The AWS Marketplace



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Subject- FileMaker Cloud: Renewal with Orbitera


Hello Henk,


Thank you for contacting FileMaker Customer Support.


We are sorry that we were not able to fully answer your questions in regards

to renewing FileMaker Cloud purchased via Orbitera. We have taken down all

your comments and they will be escalated to the appropriate departments for

review. Thank you very much for your feedback.


We will advise to contact Orbitera in regards to

their billing process, you may contact them by email at