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Discussion created by hiddenemailer on Jul 26, 2018
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Im new to filemaker Im wanting to either make (or modify someones existing) timecard.
the few ive seen seem way to complex with jobs and projects etc.




Currently i use a excel template  im ade I enter the date in the "week of" field and it fills out that weeks days  in the date column

i then enter  my start time and end time and it does the rest rounding to the nearest 15minute, if i have OT (which is rare) i menually enter the number of hours and it subtracts from that day regular hours total.


then for  each week i duplicate the template sheet run a macro so it chages the sheets name to the the name in the "week of" field so i have a running record of my times.



then my bosses wife who does payroll will ask me for my hours worked for a specific timeframe and i manually pluck the DATE,START TIME,FINISH TIME, HOURS WORKED  and a total out and provide them.




to me this feels like a lot of manual work for something that could be automated if i had filemaker skills that matched my excel skills.


ideally i would want to make a filemaker database that looks similar, but that keeps track of its own weeks so i dont need to keep adding a sheet each week.

and then i want to be able to print a report where if it asks for me for a date range and pulls out any times i worked. so i can print/ give a pdf.


so where should i start


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