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PHP - Not Displaying Data from Layout

Question asked by mmflaherty on Jul 26, 2018
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I am having some trouble grabbing calculated fields from a filemaker layout using PHP. I can get any type of field and all codes and permissions have been checked. I can see the values in filemaker on the layout but when I query, I get a blank in the field.

Not sure what I should check for or what I can show here that would help in this oddity.


I've tried to keep the name and change the data on the layout and it works fine. It's data from a related table but other fields from related tables work. As long as it is not a filemaker calculated field I can display it.


The fields are working fine on the layout and in other layouts in filemaker that use them. But I cannot grab and display using PHP.

Anyone ever seen this?

Been searching for similar questions but I am not finding anything.