Devcon 2018 Hotel Extras

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jul 26, 2018
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We already had a long discussion about parking at Devcon 2018 at the Gaylord ($17/hr or $22 for the day if you are staying there, $31 valet).  And there are no good parking alternatives nearby.


If you reserved early and received the FileMaker conference booking rate, the hotel is only $189.   Well, plus tax.  Taxes will be about $20-25 a day. Another fee to be prepared for is the $20/day resort fee.  So if you add the super discount rate plus taxes plus resort fee plus parking, the real hotel rate is about $250 a night.  Of course this doesn't include any extras like raiding the food bar in your hotel room <grin>.


Does anyone know any other fees and costs (besides food) that I have overlooked?  I'm just trying to get the budget right and planning on costs.  None of these extras would keep me from going, but it just would be nice if they were more transparent about the real cost that will be on my credit card at the end of the week.


I am looking forward to Devcon and meeting friends from around the world and learning a lot of new things.  Just trying to get all prepared!