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How do you open/export Presentations stored in container fields using FileMaker16

Question asked by hmbl on Jul 27, 2018

Is there anyway to open or export presentations (integrated PowerPoint files) stored in container fields that were created in FileMaker11 using FileMaker16?


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I have a database that has a container field that sometimes contains a presentation. This presentation can only be opened by a user using FileMaker11 if the computer has PowerPoint installed. I upgraded this database for use in FileMaker16 and now the presentations cannot be opened at all. I've attached images of the right click context menus in FM11 with PowerPoint installed, FM11 without PowerPoint installed, and FM16 with PowerPoint installed.


The field on a layout in FM11 and FM16 will show a thumbnail of the first PowerPoint slide. As far as I can tell the only way to export these integrated presentations is to right click the field and open the presentation in FM11. Also when you open the presentation it opens powerpoint and the default filename to save is "untitled".


I can't find too much information on the PowerPoint integration with FileMaker so I'm having trouble making the presentations available to end users.


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