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Create a Find like a SQL Subquery?

Question asked by rlfolden on Jul 27, 2018
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Is there a way to script a Find (or organizing a SORT) to return a Found Set from a table:

a) First by the records the logged in userI created (based on name), then by

b) All the rest of the records created by others (i.e., not logged in name)?

This is fairly easy in SQL.


I spent considerable time designing a nice List View to display all records for an admin, or just an individual's records for non-admins but am now being asked to show all records for anyone using the system, but placing the logged in users records at the top of the list.


Most of the answers I've seen are based on adding multiple criteria to a Find, but this doesn't seem to do what I want.


I realize I can redesign the page using portals but it will be a fairly big effort.