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Dependency tree (related tables)

Question asked by geardog on Jul 27, 2018
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We make [parts], and I'm building a dependency tree, for lack of better terminology.  Unfamiliar with Filemaker, I'd like some advice on structuring this element of our file.

One [drawing] may be applicable to several [applications] which each have multiple [IPC](certification) each naming multiple [NHA](subassemblies) each documented with varying revisions of [manuals] each noting numerous [parts].


We need the trace-ability from [drawing] to [part].  To minimize the amount of retyping of the vehicle into the many records, I did the basic thing of copying parent fields downstream to subsequent tables.  The final table is what I'd expect, but terrible to look at and make sense of.  The tree is elegant to look at clicking through the trunk to the branch expanding to the twigs.


The issues:
If any of the entries in the daisy chain of tables are edited the relationships are broken.

We can't back-fill info we have into the child tables without some kind of place holder in the parent tables, then deleting the records and recreating them.


I've considered a script that would edit the daisy chain of child tables, but perhaps there is another way to see this.  I'm open to scrapping and starting over with one table simply entering data in a different fashion, or any better way of dealing with the relationship tree.  Search sort portals?