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Do hidden items on a layout force calculations?

Question asked by wedgeman on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by jrenfrew

We recently took over repairing/replacing a VERY slow solution, and have uncovered a world of issues.


On numerous layouts, it seems that the developers tended to copy in dozens of fields of all flavors (essentially an extra iteration of every table field), and these are left off to the right of the layout - outside of the visible area.



Is this a common thing?

Does it add to performance overhead?


Some of these are simple indexed (or non) text fields, usually ~50% are calculations, and another 10-20% are related to other tables.


Understanding the issue has added complications, as the database is cloud-hosted and is very tangled (on average every table has ~275 related graph occurrences).