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Timestamp Conversion.  USA to UK

Question asked by Abingdon on Jul 29, 2018
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Hi All,


I am importing data from a .csv file, one of the columns is a Timestamp formatted 'USA' style with the month preceding the day.  Is there a way of converting this on import with the day preceding the month?


What I am importing for example is '6/14/2018 2:29:54 PM'  (the import data also contains timestamps like '6/14/2018 2:29' for some reason, but it's a third party application that's creating the csv export and I have no control over what it exports).


What I need is '14/6/2018 2:29:54 PM'  or '14/6/2018 2:29'  as the result.


It would be great to have the timestamp field searchable if possible but if it has to be text then so be it, it just makes it easier for users to see a more familiar way of showing the data.


Many thanks as always.

PS.  Not sure I posted this in the right place, 'Discussions?' Don't seem to have any other options?