Filemaker 17 Server Memory difference and issue

Discussion created by motasea on Jul 28, 2018
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I am running  FM as 2 machine deployment as a production environment.  The specs of the servers are identical Windows 2012 R2 Standard 8 GB RAM.  I am hitting 80% with no one connecting in the production environment:



In the development environment.  One machine deployment with the same  specs:  Windows 2012 R2 standard 8 GB Ram. FM The server only hits 40% with no one connecting in the development environment.




Why  the difference?  In production last night I got two warnings in the production environment as I login using FM Advanced and I was login with webdirect that the server was hitting 95% of the memory.  This concerns me as I just updated this past Friday and I monday is when all users will start hitting the production server.  Any comments or ideas why this is happening.  I restarted the production windows server by closing down everything and the memory seem to go to 50% but then it reached 80% again as I logged in with FM pro.