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Minimizing number of calls to server

Question asked by nexgen on Jul 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by nexgen

I'm accessing filemaker database via filemaker server.


The problem I'm having is with the list view showing records from related table which is making it load very slow..


As far as I understand, the way filemaker works is:

* If I have 30 records in the list view, then filemaker will make a call to server 30 times for fetching the related record.

* Another scenario: If I have 30 records in the list view and contains two related fields from two different related tables then filemaker pro will make 60 calls to fetch those related records.


Is there anyway I can make filemaker to load all those related records in one call?


I have noticed, filemaker downloads those first 30 records of the main table in just 1 call. I want same thing happen for the related records too.