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Conditional value list from script

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by tays01s

I have a conditional value list on a Calc::Pregnancy_lactation field that would be:

Not pregnant if sex = m

Not pregnant if age < 10

or a list of stages of pregnancy or lactation if

Sex = f and

Age > 10 and

Std = 1 of 7 stds.


To avoid need to the 3 conditions relating the Calc table to a value list table and many records on that table to account for all permutations, I thought to have a script trigger when the 'Std' is changed and calculate which list was required based on the Std, age and sex at that time to the current Calc record.


Problem: As soon as I update the Std on >1 record I find that the list, lists a summary of pregnancy_lactation choices from all the Calc::Pregnancy Lactation field. BTW, I've tried including a step in the script that first clears the current Calc::Pregnancy Lactation before the next script line set the field to the appropriate list (except is still gives a summary).