FileMaker 10 Server can not open ODBC connection

Discussion created by hh@sydgram.nsw.edu.au on Jul 29, 2018
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Dear All


We are using FileMaker 10 Server ( on the server , and I am trying to use the ODBC connection on the Client to get access to FileMaker Database.


On the FileMaker Server Admin Console, the ODBC/JDBC Status shows On .


But When I telnet from my client PC to the server port 2399. I have no response. Also When I use the ODBC driver on the client, Datadirect SequelLink to add the ODBC connection,  it gives me the TCP/IP error, connection refused.


I suspect that even in the FileMaker Server Admin Console ODBC/JDBC Status shows On , actually there is no service has been turned on. Can anyone suggest is any way around for this.


This is a pretty old version, so there is no FM_listener.exe.