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Customise Status Toolbar - less reliable in v16?

Question asked by pragmatica on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by pragmatica

We have quite a lot of solutions, previously hosted on a v12 server, that are now being transitioned to a v16 server.  (Multiple, varied user groups, depending on the solution.)  Environment is almost 100% Windows.  In v12, we knew that (annoyingly) the Print and Export icons would not be on the toolbar so we'd remind the users to add them via the Customise Toolbar command.  It was mildly inconvenient, but it worked.

All solutions have custom menus and once the icons were added to the user's profile, the custom menus would display appropriately scripted text for the icons.

Many of our users work with multiple FM solutions during the day.

Moving to v16, we've just found that when a user 'adds' Print and Export to their toolbar, it doesn't hold to the next session.  This is - understandably - annoying for them. 

The other surprise is that the icons need to be added to each solution, ie it is not an application/ per user default.  I'm fairly neutral on this, but I slightly favour an application preference, to a solution-only preference.

Is it possible for the user preference to 'hold', or has that been removed?