FileMaker Upgrade warning when Client Version ≠ Server Version

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jul 29, 2018
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A client asked me this question and I thought I would post it here since it is both easy and a useful comment for the community.  He wanted to have a warning on the main dashboard screen of his app that gives a warning if the client version does not match the server version to let people know they need to upgrade.  In particular, he was having a hard time getting his Go users on the current version.  So I told him to create an object or text with the warning and then apply this as a hide calculation in the Index for the object or text. 


Let ( [


     F1 = Get ( HostApplicationVersion ) ;

     F2 = Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ;


     F3 = GetAsNumber ( F1 ) ;

     F4 = GetAsNumber ( F2 ) ;


     F5 = Int ( F3 ) ;

     F6 = Int ( F4 ) ;


     F7 = If ( F6 < F5 ; 0 ; 1 )   //  If client version is less than host version, then show warning, else hide warning


] ; F7 )


Note this only evaluates for major version updates (e.g., 16 to 17).  Also note to click the checkbox to evaluate this in the Find mode or else it will show every time you go to Find mode.