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Safari controls of PDF in WebViewer - possible?

Question asked by brsamuel on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by brsamuel

In my solution, I am using a WebViewer to display a "preview" of generated PDF reports.  This much works well.  When on a Mac and hovering my mouse pointer appropriately, I am presented with the Safari controls to zoom in or out, save the PDF, or open it in Preview.  However, only the zoom functions work.  Is there something in particular that I am missing?  Are the "save" and "open in Preview" options not available from a webviewer?


  • I have enabled the option to "Allow interaction with web viewer content", without which the zoom functions do not work.
  • This particular solution is being hosted, but I see the same behavior on local solutions.
  • FileMaker


Is this a known limitation?  Is there a workaround?