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ExitModeTrigger question

Question asked by yodavish on Jul 30, 2018
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Hello FM Community,


I have a Form layout that automatically enters into "Find mode" that allows the user to enter their search data. Once the user fills in the data they want to search and clicks the default "Perform Find" button I want it to display the searched results in a new layout, the ListView. I tried using ExitModeTrigger and with a script that "Goes to Layout", however, that just goes directly to the List View Page. I presume this is because I'm on a layout that is in "Browse mode" and when I go to the Form layout, which enters find mode, the ExitModeTrigger is triggered sending me back to the ListView layout without allowing me to enter in my search criteria. Is there another way to accomplish the perform find in the form view and send the results over to display the results in ListView? What I have below:


1. Form View goes automatically to "Find Mode"



2. Data is entered in.

Script Trigger: "OnModeExit". After "Perform Find" is clicked I want it to trigger the OnModeExit to display searched result on the List Layout

Inside the script is just a "Go To Layout" which points to the List View layout.


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