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Show Related Records (Many-to-Many Self-Join)

Question asked by MartyGlenn on Jul 30, 2018
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Small solution contains a table called 'Client'. I created a many-to-many relationship with the same TO and looks like this:

Clients --> jt_Clients_Clients_02 --> Clients_02

On a layout (based on 'Client') I would like to place two portals:

1. Allow connection of clients to other clients (simple many-to-many fk drop down list)

2. Place a second portal on the same layout as #1 and show if a client has been selected by another client


So if you have David, John and Mark and Mark selected David to follow than Mark would show David in portal 1 and David would show Mark in portal 2. Mark would show nothing in portal 2 unless followed by another client and David would show nothing in portal 1 unless he followed another client.


I do not know what portal 2 is based on and the TO structure or is it calc filtered and what TO is field is the field from for portal 2?


Thank you.