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SendMail FMP 17/Outlook 16 Mac Fails

Question asked by davidjhayden on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by jfletch

I have a client that needs to use the Send Mail script step with the Dialog Off option on a Mac, using MS Outlook as their client.  They're getting variable issues — occasionally a partial email created in the Drafts folder — but most often it fails completely.  FileMaker will open Outlook if closed, or change focus if open, but generates no mail — draft or otherwise.  I can replicate this in a new, empty file both with the script step and the File > Send > Mail command.  Same outcome with and without attachments.


All works as expected with same config, but with Mac Mail.


Obviously Mail is the FileMaker supported client for Mac, but has anyone had any success?  Getting them to change clients across their Org is unlikely, so if this is a critical failure I'll need to find another route — would like to exhaust options first.  Most of our Mac clients either use Mail, or calc outgoing mails via SMTP, so this is water we don't frequently tread.



Mac OS 10.13.6

FileMaker Pro Advance v

Outlook v 16.15