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FMServer 15 Container Folder

Question asked by JamesBusch on Jul 30, 2018

Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

OSX Sierra running on an i5 mini

FileMaker Server 15

No other issues

I want to specify an external container data folder.  I've never had a problem with this on previous FMServer installations on various platforms.  On this installation, I can't specify the external container folder unless I first specify an additional database folder.  Okay, I won't be using one but don't mind specifying it.  I enter a path using the proper syntax, then enable the external container folder and enter its path.  I know they can't be the same.  When I click "Validate," there is no message.  When I click Save, there's no message.  When I try to leave the page, a message says I have unsaved changes and must Save or Revert.  The only way I can leave the page is to revert.  Attaching a screenshot, note that there are tiny red asterisks next to the labels on the two path fields.  I have not had any luck learning what they mean.  You can see from the shot that the folders are real and the paths are correct.


Any discussion appreciated.  Thanks again.