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Importing data while using value lists from different tables!

Question asked by timraudies on Jul 31, 2018

Hi guys,


I am currently trying to Import some Products Data into my file. For two fields I later want the user to choose from a pre-defined value list, which I store in a separate table. The Popup-Menus are working fine, but I have a problem now with importing my old data! I used numbers to uniquely identify each entry in the value list, but only show the contents of the actual name field in the popup! I checked "override data formatting with value list" so the field shows the name of the value list entry but in reality only stores the related number.

The Excel file i want to import from only has the names in it.


I could try something like:

If (Get (ActiveFieldContents) = "Production")

Set Field [PRODUCTS::Type = 3]

Else If ( (Get (ActiveFieldContents) = "Trading Goods")

Set Field [PRODUCTS::Type = 5]


End If


But isn't there a way i can make the script check what is in my imported field and then match it with the related number from the value list table? Hope I could describe the problem, further questions let me know!

Thanks for any comment!