File Path and Opening a .pdf on a server

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Re: FileMaker Pro and Server 17


Howdy, howdy...


I'm trying to open a .pdf that's stored on the server and I stuck because I'm unsure of how to code the script (using Send Event, maybe?) and how to code file path because we have FM Server (PC) and my client FM machine is a Mac. In addition, I'm confused after reading about a dozen posts saying that you can open a .pdf using Preview and others saying no, you have to use Safari. Also, some posts say that Adobe's plug-ins (AdobePDFViewer.plugin and "AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin should be deleted from from Library > Internet Plug-Ins ...which I have.


Here's the filepath to the test file:


Server Name: blivet


c:\users\supercontainer\files\checklist\0032\FMP Acknowledgements.pdf


Thanks in advance for your help!