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Pharmacy Compound Inventory Help

Question asked by motzaburger on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by thomas_staehli

Okay. So I am new with Filemaker. I have been working on creating an application that tracks inventory of chemicals (ingredients), and also keeps track of compounds (recipe). I've tried my best to find info on BOMs and inventory but I cannot seem to understand what I need to do to.


Currently I have 3 tables: Compounds, Chemical Inventory, and Stock Transactions. I used the "Inventory" solution upon start-up and changed that to Chemicals and transactions; however I added another table for the compounds. Each compound is basically a recipe of ingredients. I am having trouble understanding the proper relationships to do. My table is as follows:


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.27.22 PM.png


So the main problems I am having is:

  1. Allowing the entry of only specific ingredients into a compound.
  2. Then removing that specific amount of ingredient out of the ingredient inventory.
  3. Displaying in the stock transactions that "Compound A" used 5 units of ingredient


Essentially, with the click of a button I want to "create" a compound and remove the ingredients from the stock and keep the record in the transactions portal (listed in each ingredient detail), and then print a form out with the compound, the ingredients, and the amounts. I have fooled around with relationships and adding additional tables for the printable form but I cannot find a way where I can only add the ingredients I want and remove them from inventory.


Thank you all for taking the time to read and I hope there is help out there