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FM Go takes forever to reconnect to remote files

Question asked by ykk on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by ykk

Hello friends, appreciate if you can help me on this.


I have an FM16 database with mixture of native and external tables (ODBC - MS SQL). Launching and accessing records in FMGo 16 is fine. But when this app is pushed to the background (ie. incoming calls), it will no longer resume after that. FMGo16 will show this message "Attempting to reconnect to remote files" almost indefinitely. At times, it's able to work after 2 mins of waiting which is too long to be useful.


The only way to solve this for me now is to kill the app and relaunch it, much faster than waiting for it to reconnect.


Is there anything wrong or some missing steps that I can do to solve this issue?


Thank you.


(Sorry if solutions to this problem have been discussed before).