Installing FM Advanced 16 on new Mac.

Discussion created by pvonk on Jul 30, 2018
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For the 14 years I’ve had macs, I always restored from  a Time Machine backup of the retiring Mac when buying a new model. This time I’m doing a clean install.  I found the email from FM when I upgraded to ver 16 of FM Advanced which IIRC was from ver 16 (not advanced) which in turn was upgraded from ver 14, etc. That email had a link to the download for FMA16, but when I started the install, it rejected the license code (for the update version), since FM 16 wasn’t found. Of course that and all previous versions are no longer on the retiring Mac. Do I have to install FM 16, using the previous license code, which I have, or will I run into the same problem, I.e. my FM 16 (not advanced) was an update from 14?


what‘s the procedure I need to follow?