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Hide field based on conditional value list result

Question asked by DanielHewlette on Jul 31, 2018
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I've followed the Adventures in FileMaking 1 and 2 on conditional value lists and my category > sub category value list are working fine. However, I don't seem able to use conditional formatting to hide a field that is only relevant to certain subcategories. Here is an example pulled right from Adventures in FileMaking 1:


Hierarchical Conditional Value Lists page shows filtering of value lists showing California County and City names based on Region. If you use a conditional value statement such as this:


Case ( PatternCount ( Regions::RegionName ; "Southern California" )  ≤  0;1;0)


the item will be hidden whenever Northern California is selected from the Region value list. However, if you try the same trick on the County value list, it does not work:


Case ( PatternCount ( Counties|Region::CountyName ; "Orange" )  ≤  0;1;0)


has no impact when "Orange" is selected form the second, conditional value list for County.


Is there another way to accomplish this?



My actual application is for an inventory system where different types of "parts" have different relevant attributes. So a "Style" attribute for a T-Shirt typically might be "Crew" or "V Neck," but a "Style" for a hat would be "Flat bill" or "Unstructured." Neither of those various attributes are relevant to the other item category, so it makes sense to hide them based on the category / subcategory (conditional value list selections).


NOTE: In this example I'm trying to use duplicate fields on top of each other with different (non-conditional) value lists for the "Style" field input, hence the need to hide the irrelevant popup (the one with a value list for shirt style when I'm in a subcategory of "hat", for example). I would guess there are other ways of achieving the same end result though if someone has a better way.