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FMS 17: Windows server-side URL for the Temporary Folder

Question asked by edwardlscott on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by edwardlscott

My solution utilizes an iPad remotely connected to a hosted file.  Until now, the iPad has produced a PDF to its temporary folder, then used the "Insert File" command to put it in a container field in the "Members" table.


Originally the database ran on a local Mac Mini and shared the file with the iPad, and the iPad stored the PDF in the container field on the local Mac Mini host within a second or two.


The client is complaining that it now takes too long for the iPad to store the PDF to the FMS host.  I have moved the database to a FileMaker Server at a hosting company and it is running on FMS 17 on a Windows server.


I rewrote the part of the iPad button-script that produces the PDF and stores it to use a server-side sub-script (PSOS).  The "Insert File" command is not available on-server, so I am attempting to use the "Insert from URL" command instead on the server.  When I try to run my newly modified script(s) by clicking the button on the iPad, the server-side "Insert from URL" command is returning error 1626, "Protocol is not supported".  I am assuming I need to configure my "Insert from URL" command with the correct Windows file-protocol URL (pointing at the temporary folder) for the command to work.


What I tried was to simply use the same variable used in my "Save Records as PDF" that successfully puts my named PDF in the server-side temporary folder - but that is causing the "Insert from URL" step to produce the 1626 error.


I see an example in the FileMaker documentation for a Windows file protocol URL as such:




Russia, if you can hear me, suggestions on how to formulate the correct URL file protocol to use would probably be greatly rewarded by our media.


Thanks in advance,