FMServer 17.02 - Error 701 Web Publishing Engine process has terminated abnormally

Discussion created by thiyagarajan on Aug 1, 2018
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Dear All


Our current FM application is running oN FMS15. We decided to upgrade our server to utilize FM API feature . So ,We have installed FMS 17.1 and update 17.2 in our new windows server 2016 standard edition machine. Then , We imported SSL certificate ( Generated a new CSR and server key.pem files and got new SSL) and moved database files and schedules settings from our existing FMS15 pc.


When we perform testing and remaining timings inn development environment  , we didn’t get any errors . So, we planned to make this one as new production server. Once it becomes production, different users are connected and one point of time , we get error 701 like “web publishing engine terminate process abnormally” and web direct users got “communication problem”.


In FMS admin console , the web server was off automatically. Then , we switched one manually. Again , it is disconnected. We looked the log file “Event.log” to see what went wrong. But , the error message only written in log file. Before terminating this action , some schedules are running every 2 min and it will return error code 301 in event log file when someone edit/access layout.


I am not sure this is the reason for stopping web publishing engine . Except this , I couldn’t see anything wrong in the log file. But , my question here if this is the reason , how the same schedule scripts works with FMS15 current server system.


I am looking your help in this matter to get resolve.