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Open file loses External Data Source filename

Question asked by cril on Aug 1, 2018
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Hi I am trying to setup a connection across the internet between my hosted Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 (not Server since I only expect one or two connections at a time maximum) and my Go15 on my iPhone. Obviously for development I'm using two macs so I can also see what is going on when it fails. At the moment I have no security set up but anticipate using the security of same account name and password. I am using 4 files all together to guarantee host side files close - 2 on the go platform and 2 on the host so altogether there are four files involved in the transaction. I have the full host pathname setup in external data sources I'm using open (filename) followed by perform script (from that filename) then close (filename) - I was disappointed to find $$variables don't work:-(. Now for the nub of my question - this all works great yet occasionally the second file on the go platform loses the server filename replacing it with 'unknown' and I can't work out how to make sure it sticks - neither can I really identify what causes it to unstick. I have tried using open URL as a preamble but to no avail. What am I making a wrong assumption about and what is the answer?