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(South)Westward Ho!

Question asked by shblackwell on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by shblackwell

(South)Westward Ho! the laptops, and I guess now, the mobile devices as well.


For the 23rd time, I am headed for the annual FileMaker Developers Conference.  This 23rd Annual Conference will mark another significant milestone in our shared history.


The technological changes over these past 23 years are astounding in their scope and impact. Comparing versions of FileMaker Pro and how they have changed over that interval is highly instructive and revealing.


But we are pursuing fulfillment of a mission. Technology alone is not enough to drive that mission. People are the core element, the human element, the indispensable element. People bring innovation to the FileMaker Platform.  People deliver that innovation to the customer and client base.


That’s what the Developer Conference has been, what it is now, and what it needs to remain.  People. That’s why I have always been there. That’s why I’ll be there for the 23rd time.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you there.



Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance