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The DDR doesn't report the elements used by calculated Perform Script

Question asked by nickorr on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2018 by nickorr

Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3)


FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.0.2


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When you create a script step that uses the new Perform Script by Name feature and run the DDR, the elements used by the calculation aren't included in the DDR.  Other calculations, including the Parameter include a DisplayCalculation node, followed by a series of Chunk nodes, breaking down all the elements used by the calculation.


This calculation doesn't include any details at all.


How to replicate


Create a new file.

Add some fields.

Add a script with a Perform Script by Name step, with the calculation referencing some of the fields.

Generate the DDR.


Workaround (if any)


None possible.  This is a serious issue in terms of analysing the DDR for where things are used, so the Analysis tools have no options to resolve this.  Developers can set the Script name into a variable and use only the variable in the step, but this shouldn't be necessary.