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FMPA 17 - High-Resolution TIFs in PDF Output?

Question asked by fmp on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by fmp

Hi, I have a project that requires making ads with a few photos and some text that are to be printed by a commercial printer after being placed into an InDesign document. It would be great if we could simply print a Filemaker layout to PDF and only give the InDesign people the resulting PDF files.


However, the printer specifies 300dpi for the photos, and I don't understand exactly what Filemaker does to the high-res TIF files in the PDF process. Can anyone explain if this scenario is possible, what the options are for controlling the dpi in the PDFs, and/or point to some technical info on it? I've searched this forum and the web and found no real answers. We're currently using FMPA17 on Mac OS X.


Thanks, any help is appreciated!