Trying to assign unique value to a calculation

Discussion created by tomhicks on Aug 2, 2018
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First off thank you all for any help you can provide.


I have a database I am using for scheduling candidates for interviews and I want to make sure that I do not use the same date, time, and panel twice. Panels have multiple interviews and I have this all set in a single table.


What I have - Four Fields






Date is a drop down calendar

Time and Panel both use value list (ex Time: 8:15 AM, 8:30 AM...Panel: A, B, C...)


Combined - I made a text field and used the "Auto-Enter" option "calculated value"

                    Date & Time & Panel

then I went to validation and selected "unique value"


I was hoping it would then produce a string 8/28/188:15 AMH which would have to be unique and if not cause the user to revert fields used.


Issue I am having when I look at the COMBINED field is that it only registers 8/28/18 and does not add the time or panel to the string to create what I thought could be used as a unique identifier.


Please let me know if i need to change something or scratch my whole solution, or what I can use to get to my solution of not being able to use a Date, Time, and Panel after it has been selected.