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How to speed up PDF viewing in Filemaker 16?

Question asked by alanlaw on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by alanlaw

Recently I updated my server from Filemaker 14 to Filemaker 16. Moving the files from 14 to 16 was very simple from a backup created. However once I placed the same files in Filemaker 16 on the same server, the PDF Container fields I had in place were not displaying. I thought there maybe something wrong so I searched the web about this and about 3 minutes later the PDF displayed. Once this issue was discovered I contacted Filemaker Support and they told me to upgrade to the latest version of 16 server. This was completed and still no performance improvements. Oddly enough the Filemaker Server 16 seems to have slowed down the way they display the PDF's? I even loaded a version of Filemaker 14 back on as a client and the results were the same as a 16 client.


Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue or improve it? At this point I am loosing lots of productivity trying to wait for the PDF to load.


Thanks in advance for any advise.