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Why isn't a Summary Field's data displaying in a Portal?

Question asked by gregew on Aug 3, 2018
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I have 25 records (let's call them Companies) for which each has, using one example, an indexed field named ProgramsNumber.  Each Company has a different Number of Programs each Fiscal Year.

I created a Summary field for these records named ProgramsHoursCUME defined as =Total of ProgramsNumber.

The Portal has FiscalYear as one field and this Summary field as another; however, while each line in the portal displays the Fiscal Year, the Summary field (and all other summary fields I similarly created) is blank.

The Portal seems to be tied to the 25 Companies, because as I move through them using the arrow in the toolbar above, the Portal reacts -- I can tell because the scroll bar changes size.


I'm not a developer, but have a bit of design experience (started with FMPro 10 and am on FMProAdvanced 15), but not very much with Portals.  I searched Help and Q&As in this Community to no avail.  So I need help to figure out why this isn't working.  (By the way, I've purchased FM17 but didn't want to install it until I solved this problem.)