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Enable and Disable a Button based on certain criteria

Question asked by brbsqrd on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by SteveMartino

When I use the Find (Search) for certain records I end up with a subset of the records in the file.  Standard procedure, works great.  However, once I'm done with the search I have a Button on the List Layout that when clicked will Show All Records in the file. Makes it a little easier on the user to show all the records, without using the Standard Status bar. What I'd like to do is when all the records are being shown, I want to disable this button. Grey it out, so to speak. Likewise when the user goes to the Search field and Find some subset/s of records is then Enable this button so it's active again.


Likewise I have two buttons on some of my forms to move forward and backward one record at a time, and a button to go to the beginning and one to go to the end of the file. In some cases I use this approach instead of using the Status Bar controls to do it. Similar to my first question how do I disable the forward and backward buttons once I get to the beginning and ending record in the file, and enable them again once moved off of the first and last record?


I'm new to Filemaker programming and having some difficulty figuring some of this stuff out.  Hope someone can help me out.