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This is a general warning to users of FileMaker Cloud.  I've been using it for over a year and made a somewhat frightening discovery on Thursday.  I started a new Annual LIcense (purchased direct from Orbitera through the AWS marketplace, to replace an existing BYOL instance) and needed to deploy it. Since it appears you can't apply a new license to an existing instance (Unless anyone knows better??) I decided to create a new instance  - makes sense right??  WRONG!!! If you add a new instance to an existing FM Cloud license, your existing Instance will INSTANTLY BE TERMINATED.  ie your live server will be deleted, without warning or request for confirmation.       Furthermore once terminated an instance CANNOT BE RESTORED.  You can restore a snapshot to a new instance, however this doens't always work - once restored our snapshot had created a corrupt instance that constantly froze.  Worse still, your standard AWS package DOESN"T INCLUDE ANY SUPPORT. Necessitating the purchase of an AWS Support Contract ($90 PCM) to  get any help at all.  After 3 hours on the on phone to AWS Support,  I eventually created a new instance from scratch and uploaded my databases from scratch.

What you need to do is create a new Software purchase from scratch (new stack etc) by following the links from the AWS Store;




You can then run a separate instance from another license - just never try to do it on the same license.




PS I have since discovered there is an option to Protect your instance from instant deletion (it's under 'Instance Setttings > Change termination Protection), however, it's not switched on by default.