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Display category and average cost per month and current month

Question asked by RyanAshton on Aug 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2018 by RyanAshton

I have a whole list of expenses accrued since the beginning of 2018, organised into a table and cross referenced with a "Categories" table.


I want to display just one occurrence of each category along with the average amount that has been spent per month per category and the amount that has been spent in each category for the current month, sorted by highest average spending per month.


I have created the following fields to work out the "Cost per Month" for each category:


Today Date

First Date: [01/01/2018]

Total Months: ( Today Date - First Date ) / (365.25/12)

Cost per Month: (Total / (( Today Date - First Date ) / 30.4375))



It's all quite a mess.  Some help would be most appreciated.