Open Manage Layouts - bug report

Discussion created by dburnham on Aug 4, 2018
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Open Manage Layouts has been a script step since Filemaker Pro 11, so this is either a new bug or something that has gone unreported for a long time.


Bug report:

Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.02

OS and version:   MacOS 10.13.6

Browser and version (for WebDirect only)  n/a

Hardware   iMac 27"


Description   When Manage Layouts opens as a modal window, the buttons at the bottom for NEW, EDIT, DELETE, DUPLICATE are dimmed not allowing the user to create a new layout or edit an existing one.  However, if the user uses a cursor to select the FileMaker layout window, and then returns to Manage Layouts, everything is functional. 

How to replicate  Create a database with a user who does not have Full Access Credentials.   Create a Custom Menu that this user is permitted to view and use.   Make a script that has the script step Open Manage Layouts.   Execute that script, either from the Scripts menu or using an item in the Custom Menu that is assigned to do the same thing.


The Condition is illustrated here:


Workaround (if any)   Add a script step after Open Manage Layouts which selects the other window by its name.  Then, the user will have to click on Manage Layouts on their own.