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Calculation using a summary field

Question asked by mdallie on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by mdallie

(Using Filemaker Pro 16)


I have a transactions file that can have multiple entries for each address (street #).  I am printing out a sort of invoice that lists each transaction that has a sub-summary section of the report with a summary field (Total Due) that totals the transactions up.


I then list Amount due prior to (date):, and Amount due after (date).  The amount due after (date) is a calculated field where the calculation is simply Total Due + 25 (i.e., $25 late charge).


The report layout in the sub-summary section of the layout is attached along with how it looks when I am out of layout in preview mode.


The amount that is due after September 1, should be $290 + 25 = $315.  The number coming out is twice that.  I should add that for the next address, the Total Due is also $290 (coincidentally) and it also shows the amount due after due date as $630.  For the third address the Amount Due priot to September 1, is $25, but the amount due comes out to $630 again (should be $50, $25 due + $25 late charge).


My calculation field for the "Total Due after Due Date" is also attached.



Any help is sincerely appreciated.