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Crash when duplicating table occurrence group

Question asked by HOnza on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Vincent_L

While performing some tests on the database shared in the thread Slow record creation mystery I discovered that trying to duplicate the main table occurrence group (with around 1000 relationships) any FileMaker Pro Advanced from version 13 to version 17v2 on Mac crashes. FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced, out of all I tried, was the only one that did not crash for me.


I have attached the subject database below.


Steps to reproduce the issue are:


  1. Open the relationship graph
  2. Select the "Bible Articles" table occurrence
  3. Press Command-Y seven times to select all table occurrences in that group
  4. Click on the duplicate button to duplicate the table occurrence group


Expected result:


The TOG should get successfully duplicated, or an error message should be displayed if there is a reason for the duplication to fail.


Actual result:


Any version of FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac higher than 12 crashes.