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TextStyleAdd Calculation Function

Question asked by tim123four on Aug 5, 2018
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TextStyleAdd Calculation Function


Only in the FM 12 Reference by Bowers. Heady, Lane and Love have I found the numeric equivalents for text styles.

Turns out everything from "plain = 0" to "Allstyles = 32767" has an associated number.  Styles can be added by merely placing in the correct number as opposed to writing it out (instead of "Bold" one can use 256).  "Italic" can be added by using 512.  Now the time saver is using the sum to add both numbers together.  768.  i.e.:  TextStyleAdd ( file_name ; 768 ) applied to the "standard_simple" field returns standard_simple. This is both, Bold Italic. 

This begs the question what other undocumented or rarely document gems are hidden in this program?  I note that FM Pro help does not mention this nor do recent (FM 16) references on the program.  Also it begs the question of why this is left out of the documentation?  Anyone know?