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XML API: does it substitute certain characters  ?

Question asked by planteg on Aug 5, 2018
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in a previous post Base64Encode: works differently under macOS I had an issue where CR (or CR LF) was/were received as space (0x20 in ASCII) Never got an explanation. But this time again "¶" is received as " ".


A text field whose contents is created by a script looks like this "string 1" & "¶" & "string 2" & "¶" ... & "string n" & "¶". Nothing really out of this world. This field is meant to be displayed in a multi-line text box.


Thing is some users uses a Xojo web app connected to to this database. To read/create/edit fields, I use the Xojo XFM module by Tim Dietrich. XFM communicates with the server using the XML API but returns JSON data.


When I read the text field, the "¶" are replaced by 0x20 (space) so strings are not displayed on top of each others.


I am wondering if somewhere along the path, the substitution would take place because of the XML API for an unknown reason. I looked into XML API documentation on FMI site and in the XML documentation, but didn't fin anything explaining this.


Do any one of you have an explanation for this ? For now I created a second field in the database where <nl> is added instead of "¶" at the end of each line and in Xojo, I replace <nl> with EnOfLine. That works fine but I would like to understand what is going on.


Thanks a lot