Multiple Finds on One Layout

Discussion created by jlquinniv on Aug 6, 2018
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I've got a table that tracks the results of audits of student records at individual schools.  There is a table for students and a table for schools that relate to the table for recording the results from each audit.  For the report I'm making, I need to take the audit records and separate them according to the grade levels of the schools.  This data also needs to summarize averages for each grade level.  Then, I need to get averages for the entire school district for each item on the audit.  The layout looks like this:


So, I would need to find all of the elementary schools and get averages and display those in the ES column, the same with middle schools and high schools.  I can easily get the numbers for each grade level by performing a find for each grade level.  But, I need to show the results of all 3 of those finds on the same layout. 


I was thinking that I could do it with portals (utilizing filters) or multiple table occurrences.  But, I'm pretty clueless about setting it up.  I tried a portal filter (Grade Level = "ES") to see if I could show all records and then only show the records with that ES grade level.  Didn't work.  I'm not sure how to go about getting what I need.  Any advice would be appreciated.