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Auto-populate flight details through API?

Question asked by simonkunak on Aug 7, 2018

Hi everyone!


I'm creating a database to keep record of ground and air transfers made by a number of individuals.

I've been able to get the distance between two given addresses using the Google Maps API (via script, a field receives that information from Google Maps) and this has been a wonderful adding to the project.

In a similar way, I'd like to obtain the details for a flight by using its flight number.  This means, I'd like to get the departing and arrival airport, departing time and landing time via API just by introducing the date and/or flight number in the record. Google achieves this in a very reliable way using FlightStats and FlightView.

So I assume this has to be possible with Filemaker (scripting and Inserting from URL, etc.) but I can't figure out how to build the code for this purpose (my knowledge on coding is very limited).


I know this requires a level of expertise so, I'd appreciate the help VERY, VERY much!!


Thanks to all.